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R&R Marine Vessels


F/V St. Andrew

The F/V St. Andrew is a 105' steel trawling vessel built for surface, mid-water, and bottom trawling. The St. Andrew is equipped for research, trawling, and fishing projects.

The St. Andrew is a twin screw vessel with a 27' beam and stabilizers. The vessel is equipped with two 4 ton cranes and three wire winches with a four net reel trawl system. All winches are controlled from the wheelhouse. Under the upper deck is a climate controlled (heat and cooling) enclosed area for scientific work, data collection and sampling tables.

Dimensions: Overall Length: 105' Beam: 27'

Engine Room:​ Main Engines - Two CAT 3412, 12 Cylinder, 720 HP Each, 1440 Total​,

Auxiliary Engines: 2 CAT 3304 - 65 KW each.1 CAT 3406 - 175 KW.

Interior Features: 5 Cabins, 11 Berths, 2 Marine Heads and 2 Showers, Washer and Dryer 

F/V St Andrew survey and additional photos below:


F/V Ocean Cat

The F/V Ocean Cat is a 96' steel built vessel originally built for the oil fields in the Gulf. The Ocean Cat is configured for a variety of fishing, research, and housing projects. 

The Ocean Cat is a twin screw vessel with a 25' beam. Only having a draft of 5' allows this vessel to access places other boats of this size aren't capable of reaching. 

The Ocean Cat consistently works on projects of 35+ days out at sea from Nome to Seward. The vessel has a blast freezing system on board and 2 ton crane to transfer equipment as needed. A covered shelter deck at midship and an open stern which allows research be performed while keeping valuable equipment out of the elements. 

Dimensions: Overall Length: 96' Beam: 25' Draft: 5'

Engine Room:​ Main Engines: Two Detroit 12V71 700 HP Each, 1400 Total ​

Auxiliary  Engines: 1 Detroit 371 - 30kW. 1 Detroit 871 - 170kW.

Interior Features: 4 Cabins, 11 Berths, 2 Marine Heads (1 Shower) 

F/V Ocean Cat survey below: 

F/V Kori Ann

The F/V Kori Ann is a 99' steel vessel originally built to work in the oil fields of the Gulf. The Kori Ann has been repurposed into a tender and has the capability of performing research, housing, and fishing projects. 

The Kori Ann is a twin screw vessel with a 26' beam and a 8' draft allowing the vessel to navigate river systems with big tide changes.


The Kori Ann is equipped with two RSW systems on board allowing over 300k of salmon split between four insulated tanks. The vessel is has the ability to sleep 16 persons allowing plenty of space for housing scientists for special research projects. The vessel is equipped with a 12 ton and 4 ton crane on each side allowing to load/offload cargo from both sides. This vessel is equipped with a 18' skiff with a 20hp outboard to allow us to transport cargo and personnel on and off the boat to land.

Dimensions: Overall Length: 99' Beam: 26' Draft: 7.5'

Engine Room:​Main Engines: Two Detroit 16V92 1200 HP Each 2400 Total​

Auxiliary  Engines: 2 Detroit 471 - 50 kW. 1 Cummings 5.9L - 175kW.

Interior Features: 4 Cabins, 20 Berths, 2 Marine Heads (2 Shower) 

F/V Kori Ann survey below:

F/V Ryan J

The F/V Ryan J is a 43' fiberglass vessel capable of research projects closer to land. The vessel specializes in gillnet fishing, longline and intercostal research.

The Ryan J is a twin screw vessel with a beam of 14' and draft of 5'. The vessel is equipped with an insulated 900 cubic foot fish hold and can sleep 4 persons.

Dimensions: Overall Length: 43' Beam: 14' Draft: 5'

Engine Room:​ Main Engines: Two Cat 3208T 320 HP Each 640 Total​.

Interior Features: 1 Cabin, 4 Berths, 1 Marine Heads (1Shower) 

F/V Ryan J survey below:

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